100pk 6"STD WHT CABLE TIES    45# TEST



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Gardner Bender cable ties are designed for strength, durability and reliability. Ideal for all bundling and organizing tasks from the workshop to the office and from the laundry room to the kitchen; you name it, and these ties will bundle it. Designed with simple enhancements that make them easy to use including a slightly bent tip to ensure easy insertion into the tie head and close serrations along it's length to promote precise adjustment when tightening. Gentle on the hands with smooth radiused edges that ensure "slip" through the head and finger grips on the end to provide a secure and comfortable grip when tightening. Made from durable 100 percent nylon 6/6 material these ties are UL recognized with a serviceable temperature range from 0 deg C to 85 deg C (32 deg F to 185 deg F). If you want a high quality product that will fulfill all your application needs, then choose Gardner Bender cable ties.

Bent tip ensures easy insertion into the tie head
Easy "slip" during pull-thru due to smooth radiused edges
Finger grips on end provides secure grip to tighten
Made from durable 100% nylon 6/6 material
1-3/8" Maximum bundle diameter
6" Long X 0.13" Wide X .055 Thick with 45 Lb. Tensile Strength
Natural in color

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