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The ALLWAY® 3-Notch Utility Knife Blades are specially designed to cut thick, dense sheet materials or can be used for everyday cutting jobs. These heavy-duty blades have precision-honed edges that provide precision and durability at the same time. These blades include three notches and are designed to work with all standard utility knives. Made of high carbon steel, these blades will provide long-lasting durability and strength. They can be used for cutting drywall, carpet, trimming wallpaper, roofing shingles, opening boxes and much more. The very sharp points on each blade quickly cut through material with ease and accuracy. The blades have a trapezoidal shape that provides superior performance. This pack contains 5 Heavy-Duty Utility Blades per card. The blades can be easily stored in any toolbox but should be handled with care. These industrial-quality blades are suitable for use in the home, workshop, or office.

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