18/CD 9/16" ROMEX /BX STPL


18/CD 9/16" ROMEX /BX STPL

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SKU: 2170MS1575

Aisle Number: 42

Bin Number: 03

The Gardner Bender 9/16 in. Graphite Metal Staples (18-Pack) feature durable metal construction with a graphite metallic finish. These staples are ideal for securing non-metallic cable and can be drive in with a hammer. The recessed heads help protect your cable, and the sharp tips help the staples start easily.

Recessed head drives quickly and protects cable insulation
Pointed legs drive in straight to prevent splitting wood and feature sharp, burr-free tips offer easy starting
Secures 3 conductor #14, #12, and #10 non-metalic cable
Virtually oil free for clean handling
Drive in with a hammer
Contractor preferred length
Metal construction with a graphite metallic finish
Made from steel for strength
Made in the USA

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